IRWA’s 64th Annual Education Conference was held in Edmonton, Alberta. Here are the highlights of the annual meeting of the International Public Agency Committee:
The purpose and duties of the International Public Agency Committee are outlined in the mission statement:
“The mission of the International Public Agency Committee is to provide advice and assistance to the Association on matters related to management, operations and policies of International Public Agencies (IPAs). It shall cooperate with the International Liaison Committee in all interagency or legislative activities and shall keep the other industry committees informed.
The functions of this committee are set forth as:
 It shall study and report on concepts, practices, policies and procedures relating to the acquisition, management and disposition of real property, or interests in real property, for public use or benefit, and for whatever purpose.
 It shall study and report on concepts, practices and procedures relating to the computerization of recordkeeping, asset management, interagency contracts and similar subjects of interest to IPAs.
 It shall promote and encourage persons, schools and other organizations involved in IPA activites to participate with it in research and development of policies and procedures related to the effective function of LPAs.
 It shall encourage chapters, acting through Chapter IPA committees, to participate with it in this studies and in the perforamcne of functions similar to its own on the local level.
 It shall review the work and programs of the Chapter IPA committee and shall make periodic reports to the International President Elect and the International Executive Vice President on committee activities at the chapter or international levels.”

Conner McDonald, SR/WA, IPAC Chair, identified the following initiatives and goals for the coming year:
• Educate Chapter leadership and members of the IPAC’s purpose;
• Seek Region support. Each Region to appoint at least one member as a liaison to the IPAC; and,
• Seek Chapter support. Appoint LPA committee chair to disseminate information to Chapter members.

• Identify within the Chapter the level of attendance (or lack thereof) of public agency staff, which may require local public agency (LPA) chairs to make direct contact with public agency personnel to extend a personal invitation to become involved, and perhaps learn of any misconceptions or reasons for their lack of participation (budget issues; time away from work, etc.);
• Address how Chapter income is affected by online classes;
• Explore ways to effectively utilize the IRWA Member Network to disseminate information to members.
Industry Committees are now tasked with becoming central hubs for subject matter experts (SMEs). Need an envinromental consultant to speak about testing? Call us. Need an appraiser to speak about valuation issues? Call us. Need an eminent domain case law update? Call us. You get the picture.
We hope to accomplish this through input from you. You know your members’ skills and strengths. In the next month or so we will request SME identification from Region leadership; Chapter leadership, Chapter Local Public Agency chairs, and regular members. We will ask each Chapter to provide contact information for two subject matter experts. The persons you identify do not need to be members of the IRWA. This will be a group effort. Your input is crucial to the success of this project.
Headquaters expects all Industry Committees to:
• Host a webinar this year;
• Hold regular conference calls (to include IPAC members, Region liaisons and LPA’s);
• Publish a Committee newsletter article; and,
• Write articles for the Right of Way magazine.
The IPAC is motivated to serve the IRWA by strengthening the interaction between the IRWA and public agencies. We need your help with LPA involvement and identification of local SMEs.
Questions? We want to help. Contact:

Conner McDonald, SR/WA
[email protected]
(916) 978-4909
(951) 826-8357 (direct)
Peggy Barnes

Peggy Barnes
Region 1 Rep and Vice Chair
International Public Agency Committee