IRWA Governance Task Force

//IRWA Governance Task Force

IRWA Governance Task Force

A Task Force, comprised of members from all Regions in the IRWA, has been put together to review the IRWA’s current governance model, assess what changes could be made to improve our Association for the future, and review the Association’s overall communication, full and fair representation, and competency based leadership development.

Carrol McCracken, SR/WA, Chapter 41, is our Region 3 representative on this Task Force.  He will communicate updates to our Region membership as the Task Force works through this process.  There may also be times when the Task Force is looking for feedback from our membership; which will be an important opportunity for all members to provide input.

Below, you will find the meeting minutes from the Task Force Meetings:

Meeting Minutes (10-24-18) (First Meeting)

Meeting Minutes (11-28-18)

Meeting Minutes (01-30-19)

Meeting Minutes (2-27-19)

Meeting Minutes (4-24-19)


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