It occurred to me after an appt. today (and driving in 28 below weather,) how important our work really is.  What would happen if power lines were to go out (by the way, they did last night in many places and the crews got out there and fixed them, thanks!,) roads failed, gas lines failed, etc?  How about the transit lines that were/are a place the homeless are utilizing today?  How much more damage would bad weather do without the facilities to support our lives and the ROW allowing it to be there?

Next time you’re wondering why we do what we do or a property owner is challenging why a project is needed, think about the substations, drainage easements, transmission easements and all of the other things we’ve helped put in place.  When it’s a little warmer, hopefully you’ll get a chance to enjoy the trails and other “fun” stuff we help put in.

In the meantime, stay warm!