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2019-2020 Executive Board:


 Mindy Leadholm, SR/WA


 Ben Barker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-RAC

President Elect: 

 Benjamin Tozer


 Matthew Hagelin, SR/WA


 Brian Mielke, SR/WA

At an organizational meeting in Minneapolis, MN on September 9, 1957, Tri-State Chapter No. 20 of the American Right of Way Association was formed.  (Minutes from the first Chapter 20 Meeting) (Original Articles of Incorporation)

Since that date, Chapter 20 has continued to grow and build our membership to where we are today, at almost 200 members.  Chapter 20 offers networking and educational opportunities within the right of way field.  We hold six Board and Member meetings each year; featuring various speakers and topics related to the right of way field.  All are welcome to attend our meetings – we continue to grow and strive to be an organization where right of way professionals can interact, learn, grow, and network with each other.